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Non-Profit Cat Rescue Group and Sanctuary

Can you Help Sybil?

Sybil is a special needs elder cat that would be suffering outside in the cold without POUNCE. She was living outside in Morro Bay, being fed by kind neighbors, when she developed an abscess. They called POUNCE for help. With treatment by Dr. Susan Choy, an exceptional veterinarian, and weeks of nursing care, Sybil recovered. We discovered that she was deaf and somewhat senile, which is common in older cats. Yet, she was spunky!

Often, when elderly people die or move out of their homes, cats are left behind by heartless relatives. It should be an honor to care for a loved one's faithful feline companions or find them a good home. She was not so lucky. At her time of greatest need, Sybil was abandoned and left to die. Neighbors did what they could, as good people will do.

With POUNCE for 4 years now, she is getting the happy ending she deserves at our Sanctuary in Oroville. Although arthritic, she is comfortable in a heated bed, with canned food daily. Because of her senility, she is grumpy and loud when her "room" is entered. We laugh when she swats our ankles if we are late with her special food! Guests are startled as she involves them in the game.

There are many like Sybil that are abandoned. We help as many as we can to have a quality life. Despite their reason for being in a "shelter", it is not their fault.

Please help us take care of her and others by donating to cover expenses. Her monthly care costs about $75 per month. Medical care can cost even more as we seek treatment for any problem than can decrease their quality of life and cause suffering. Gum disease, diabetes, decreasing kidney functioning are just a few of the treatable problems of elder cats. Can you donate?

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